Tomes of Knowledge

Aura moderate divination; CL 11 Slot none; Price 2,500gp; Weight 5 lb.

Each of these thickly bound books contains a wealth of knowledge related to a particular subject area: Appraise, a single Knowledge, Linguistics, Spellcraft, or Survival. By consulting the tome, a process that takes at least 5 minutes but may take longer for particularly difficult questions, the user gains a +5 competence bonus on related skill checks with respect to a specific question or task. Furthermore, consulting the relevant tome allows the user to retry a previously failed knowledge check, as it may contain knowledge that even the most educated do not know.

Known tomes:

  • Stop Getting Ripped Off: A Practical Guide to Assessing the Value of Things (Appraise)
  • The Rarer the Better: Collected Arcana (Arcana)
  • Aberrations and Oozes: A Field Guide to Dungeoneering (Dungeoneering)
  • Building Things: Theory and Practise (Engineering)
  • The Tribes of Golarion: People and Places (Geography)
  • A Brief History of Time: Thassilon, Earthfall, and More (History)
  • Philosophiæ Naturalis: A Short Guide to the Natural World (Nature)
  • The Pocket Guide to Heraldry (Nobility)
  • Angels and Demons: Outsiders and the Planes (Planes)
  • Comparative Religion: Understanding the Heretics Around You (Religion)
  • Metasyntactic Analysis: An Introduction (Linguistics)
  • What was that? A Beginner’s Guide to Identifying Magical Effects (Spellcraft)
  • Shelter, Water, Food: Surviving in the Wilderness (Survival)

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Divination or Legend Lore, creator must have 5 ranks in the relevant skill; Cost 1,250gp