Fate Reforged Limited Review Review

A few days ago I posted my set review of Fate Reforged... mostly as an exercise in card evaluation. LSV has since posted his reviews (white, blue, black, red, green, the rest), and I thought I'd follow up with my most over and under valued cards (not to take his reviews as gospel, but I suspect his card evaluation skills are better than mine ;-):

Most Overrated

  • Frontier Siege: I ranked this a good rare rather than bad filler. Mostly I was excited by the ramp potential, but in retrospect the Whisperer of the Wilds does that better, faster and cheaper.
  • Diplomacy of the Wastes: I ranked this as a solid uncommon rather than junk. I was comparing this to Toughtsieze, when it's mana cost prevents it from filling the same role (also in retrospect, Thoughtsieze is a constructed card that is probably not as relevant in limited).
  • Scroll of the Masters: I ranked as solid uncommon rather than junk. I wasn't paying enough attention to the do-nothingness of this card.
  • Lightning Shrieker: I ranked this as solid uncommon rather than filler. Obviously, my rating is contingent on your deck actually wanting Lava Axe... and given that I have a tendency to play decks that want lava axe I think this is better than filler (just like Trumpet Blast)... but the points about removal and fliers is well taken.
  • Pilgrim of the Fires: I ranked this as solid uncommon rather than bad filler. I wasn't paying enough attention to how much this cost. 7 is much greater than 6, and 4 toughness means this dies to a lot of the removal.

Most Underrated

  • Citatel Siege: I ranked this as solid playable rather than total bomb. My concerns were mostly around how situational this was and the lack of board impact... and I'm still not really convinced. The pre-release is this weekend and we'll see if I lose to it.
  • Jeskai Runemark (and to a certain extent the rest of the runemarks): I ranked this as trash rather than solid playable. I mostly got hung up on getting 2-for-1'd. That being said, there just isn't that much good removal in the format and turning a Leaping Master or a Jeskai Student into a serious clock is probably worth a card.
  • Jeskai Sage: I ranked this as bad filler rather than solid playable. I think I haven't been valuing cantrips highly enough. I just realized today that a card with cycling effectively reads "Pay 2 mana, play with a legal 39-card deck". While the cycling on this is not unconditional, it does have upside.
  • Ancestral Vengance: I ranked this as bad filler rather than solid playable. I may be undervaluing the +1/+1 counter... but -1/-1 just seems so much less relevant than -2/-2 given morphs and manifests.
  • Abzan Skycaptain: I ranked this as filler rather than solid playable. A 2/2 with flying does indeed do work especially in a format plagued with ground stalls... I think I'm undervaluing the death trigger, but this is definitely a card I'm looking to play with to see how it ends up working.


I think doing my own set review was a very valuable exercise both because it helps me refine my own card evaluation skills, and comparing to a set review of someone who's skills are obviously superior helps expose my biases (to myself). Also, it helps narrow down which cards to focus on, since while I'm not going to memorize a complete set review, I can go through the cards I got wrong (or at least really wrong :-), and see where I might have messed up.