Even More Snow

At this rate, no one is going to believe me when I say New York doesn't get very wintery ;-)

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Snow 2.0

It snowed again last night and when I woke up the snow was still fresh. Taking more pictures seemed like the right thing to do:

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Snow in Brooklyn Heights

There was some snow in Brooklyn Heights last week. Here are some pictures from when the snow was still fresh:

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Brooklyn Heights in Photos

I took my new phone out for a walk and took some pictures of the neighbourhood to see how the camera held up. Here they are:


Brooklyn got a wee bit of snow over the holidays. Here's some snow on a used Christmas tree.


1800s brick row houses... yay!


A church.


Another church, this one's at Montague and Henry.


Lower Manhattan. You can see it from my 'hood.

Stack o' Phones

A stack of phones.

To the right: the phones I have acquired since moving to New York City (I had a phone before I moved to NYC, but I left it in Canada):

  1. The shitty pre-paid Nokia phone I bough while I was apartment hunting.
  2. My venerable MyTouch 3G. I got after I had an apartment, but only just: Verizon hadn't managed to turn on my Internet nor had I yet managed to purchase a bed.
  3. The Windows Phone 7 phone I got at PDC.
  4. The Nexus S that arrived today. I will post more about it later, but the few hours I have spent fiddling with it have been full of joy.

Yes, that's a crazy number of phones, but I've come to terms with the fact that I will own way too many shiny things with screens.