New Location, New Tools

I have moved Entropy and Ecstasy from it's previous home on blogger to a new custom blogging application written using django and coltrane the undocumented and unsupported blogging application for django.

The new application provides one key benefit: It allows me to mark up articles using reStructuredText. I was getting really fed up with the rich text editor (RTE) that blogger uses. I kept finding myself needing to switch into html mode to achieve the effects that I wanted, but when I switched back to using the RTE, it would freak out.

Additionally, using this custom application gives me a great deal more control over the layout of the blog than was possible using blogger. Granted, I lose some of the ready made functionality available to blogger users, but many of the cool things that blogger offers are implemented and just need to be plugged in. For example, I have already started tagging my posts, but I haven't decided how to display the tags just yet.

Finally, (while this may seem like a disadvantage to those who just want to sit down and start publishing) the new tool chain let's me hack the pieces that don't work quite right. I like tools that let me fool around with the internals, so even if the tools are not polished to perfection just yet, with time I will be able to make them fit my work-flow.